Tuesday, 13 December 2011

David & Rechel's Wedding

(yeah, I spelled her name correctly.) My cousin hired me to be their official photographer at their wedding last November 13. So glad that he did ‘coz I love them to bits even though they don’t actually realize this. LOL. I mean, I adore their relationship so much. There’s nothing compare to the history of these two. They are actually childhood sweet hearts. Since the day they met when they were just first graders they like each other right away. Most kids don’t like to be teased with anyone of the opposite sex but these two actually enjoyed it. My mom was their homeroom teacher and was the witness of these so called best-friendship to puppy love to young love and eventually to a serious relationship.
Anyway, imma post pictures from behind the scenes and random pictures of me with my family during the event. As I’m not allowed to post the official pictures anywhere yet. (‘Coz I’m not done editing them all. urgh)Add caption

Here’s the bride. She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen. O_O

oohhh the never ending.

The venue.

my mom prepping up. aww…

Me and my beautiful mom. <3

Sarah, Mom, My other sis, Lea, and Jen.

of course, yours truly. :))

Groom's bro and sis, Mhon and Glory

Sarah, Mom, My other sis, Lea, and Jen.

Bride's Maid and Best Man

Taking a break from snapping shots.

Me with the bride and groom. LOL, I’m wearing sleepers at this point. My feet hurts already. I promise to buy flats next time, all I have are killer heels. :(

The day was so tiring. It’s hard if you’re the only photographer around. I kept running here and there to make sure I capture every important moments. I’m supposed to have a partner but she can’t make it that day so I work alone. But it totally paid of. I love the outcome and totally love the fact that I became an essential person to their wedding. LOL
Actual Date: Nov. 13, 2011

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

September 14 *le birthday girl*

Hi guys~ 

Late post is late. Super late. I don’t actually plan to post this ‘coz y’know, me, having celebrating a birhtday is not that big of a deal. Pfffft. But my birthday this year is kind of special since I didn’t plan to actually celebrate it. No food, no friends, no partyin’ family members around. All I wanted was to stay at home, lock my self in my room and spend the day sleeping. ‘Coz I rarely do that these days, it’s the best-est present that I can give my self. 
But- but… as the day ends, and when I thought I succeeded at spending my day at peace, Saowie called me and told me to go downstairs. So I did, wondering what’s up. (I nearly forgot that it’s actually my birthday). As I’m walking down the stairs I heard tito Pol said “Ang tagal namang bumaba ng araw” LOL wtf? He called me “THE” sun because I’m so white. >_< Anyway, as soon as I emerge from the stairs they started singing “Happy Birthday”. LOL. I didn’t expected that at all. All the family members was there, singing for me. And they handed me my cake. I was so speechless. There are foods and drinks. Many of it. I never knew that that whole day, they are busy preparing for my birthday while I was sleeping all day. These people are so sweet. They’re just my extended family, but they did this for me. SO SWEEEEETTTTT. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

I need more time!!! Please?

I’ve been wanting to organize everything in my life lately. Down from the seemingly insignificant ones up to the most important. Ex. my room, my bookshelf, pictures I’ve taken from the past months, my pending artworks, my accounts (‘coz I’m everywhere in the web, lol), and so far, all I managed to do was to make a very slow progress with it. Every attempts to fix and organize everything up just leads to failure. I lack time. I planned to finish everything last weekend but something came up again. Urgh, I mean, ok, given, we have to celebrate my mom’s birthday all day, all night, no regrets though ‘coz I enjoyed every moment of it. So, I adjusted my schedule, have to do everything on Sunday instead, but my aunt came up with an impulsive idea to go to Enchanted Kingdom with the rest of the family… it’s been fun. EK will always be a fun place to be at. But these constant life-enjoyments live me with things that I need to attend to.
I badly needed time management. Actually, I needed at least extra 3 hours added to our 24 hours. =___= *brb still organizing things up.*

Here's what I wore yesterday. Actually had a shoot before going to EK. Will post pictures soon. :)

Random EK pic. I'll upload more soon. X3

Anyway... I just wanted to put up these Kirsten Dunst candid pictures I found on Tumblr.  These are beautiful. She remind me so much of my sister and my mom when she was younger. The resemblance is just so klsdfdjbgfbghbg. hnggggg~

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Another Year for You Tita

Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a week despite the fact that I said I will. But then I have to attend a huge event last Saturday that I wasn't able to touch my blogger. And yes, so excited to tell you about it too. But first I owe you recaps of what has happened to me these past months. (btw, I suffered from dysmenorrhea last Sunday, another reason why I wasn't able to post anything... and yeah, I got busy again after that. T__T)

So last August 29 was one of the fun events that I need to talk about. It's Tita Susan's birthday (for my non-Filipino followers, tita means auntie). She's a rather important person in my current life since I live with her and her family here in the city (I'm originally a country girl). So celebrating her birthday with her and her family is one of the few things I can do to show my gratitude.

Here's the birthday girl. How cute, she even have icing on her face. LOL
They started their drinking session early on that afternoon and it ended pretty late, actually, when I think about it, dawn is already breaking when it ended. Me and Saowie (Saowie is my partner in crime) stayed in our room the whole day but go down at around 8PM. People are getting pretty tipsy at that time already and it's fun watching them. They're really loud but definitely having fun. Tita wishes everybody's happiness, good health, financial stability and happy life for each and everyone of us. She specially mentions me and my parents too. Then she blows the candles.

Tito Pol gave her a bouquet of red roses. How sweet.
Family pic. Of course I was the one who took the photo. Always the photographer. huhu

There are plenty of food laid out in the dining table inside the house. Lola (grandma) is a cook and owns a small eatery so the food is topnotch. However, I wasn't able to snap a photo of each and every dishes 'coz  I'm starving, but managed to take a picture of the dishes I ate.

After eating, me and Saowie go back outside to check on them. They're getting really noisy, there's a lot of shouting and laughing going on. Only to found out they are having a mini dance party. Oh god, these old people are drunk. LOL and to think that we, the youngsters should be on their shoes instead. It's really kind of funny. Seeing your guardians so wasted. But they're totally having fun so it's fine. XD I actually have plenty of pictures of the "miracles" that happened that faithful night but I better not disclose it to the internet world as it might spread like wild fire 'coz of its awesomeness. lolwhut

After watching them do their crazy things, I decided to go back to my room and continue working on my manga, I can still hear them though, and I can't help but smile. Moments later Saowie joined me and handed me my camera which i left downstairs. We end up camwhoring. It's been ages since we canwhored together. I missed it. We have about 20 pictures all in all. Most of it are wacky shots. I cannot show it to you guys, 'coz honestly, it's beyond wacky. I wonder how did we manage to look that hideous in those photos? LOL I'm not even exaggerating. NO. I cannot show it to you. So I'll live you with our normal one. Pretty much what we look like at home. :D

Thanks for reading! :D

Friday, 11 November 2011

I'm still here + Updates in Life + Artworks

I'm back, people! If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting anything, it's because I'm too lazy, joke. No really... I haven't had the will to touch my blogger account for a while, mainly because I've been too busy with a lot of things and I haven't posted anything despite the fact that so much had happened in my life this past 2 months that I've been inactive here. I feel so left behind and that I had the tendency to completely ignore my blogger. And I felt really bad about it since I kept on gaining followers despite my inactivity. Most especially, I value the people who stick with this blog from the very beginning and haven't left me ever since. I really really appreciate it guys.

Anyway, another thing that cause me to be inactive is because I've also been too busy being my frustrated-artist self. I've been making a lot of artworks lately, thus I've been active in Deviant Art and Pixiv. Making an Illustration takes a lot of my time, actually it took all my rest time after work, and my free days. Yes, it's been ages since I go out with my friends. 

I'll post some of my very few but fun adventures from the past 2 months this coming weekend, so watch out for it. Let's see... I attend the best concert of the year so far, YAY for All Time Low; I celebrate my fun fun birthday with family, and lastly, how I spent my long Halloween weekend in the province. 

Meanwhile... here's some of the artworks I did. :) 

A fanart of Kagura-chan from the anime series Gintama

Official Artwork for my upcoming manga "To Where the Flowers Bloom."
Official art of one of the main characters in my manga, "Mayan"

I hope you guys like it. :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Manga Work-In-Progress

Hello guys… as you have noticed, I haven’t posted any personal posts here in blogger these past  weeks mainly because I’m currently doing my manga…. that, plus the fact that I’m terribly busy with my life. I think that I am too slow to finish a chapter. But I can’t help it. I am outside 9 hours a day, and the only time I can do my manga is when I get home. I spend 4 hours doing only at least 2 pages of it. Yes, I roughly spend more than an hour in just one page, depending on its content. But when the page has simple drawings in it, less than an hour will do. You see, I did my manga traditionally, and I spend time inking and semi-toning it using my trusty unipins only.

I was torn between doing it digitally or traditionally at first but decided on the latter. I’ve browse different sites which hosts different manga titles from an amateur to professional mangakas. And I cannot get out of this itching feeling that the traditionally-made manga is more appealing than digital ones. Almost all of my idol-mangakas did it traditionally and just later enhance it digitally. there is something about those ink on a rough paper that you can actually hold. 

Plus, another reason why I did this traditionally is because of my precious “time”. I am a very busy person and I almost don’t have time for my self, friends and family (my social life… gone). If I decided to do it digitally the only time that I can work is when I am inside the house. Which is a no-no. Since I’m just squeezing it in my free time (which is actually ironic because it took all my time going home to my family in the province every weekends)… I have to take advantage of every opportunity that I can lay my hands on my WIP-manga. So basically, yes, whenever I am, whatever the time is, if it’s a free time, you’ll see me doing my manga. LOL. I have this feeling that I already look like an addict.

Anyway guys… so far so good. Here’s some pictures of the manga pages that I have scanned last night. Still need to put texts and some effects digitally though.

P.S.  Because I cannot sleep without perfecting the tones and the tiniest details on every page of my manga, I’m going too slow. I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to doing a manga, everything have too look good in my eyes! This is not good anymore, I swear it’ll be the death of me. So I postponed the launching of it. I’m almost done, just adding some finishing touches… I can actually upload it tonight already (at smackjeeves.com), but it’s my birthday on tomorrow… so, launching it on my birthday will be far more special. (plus I’ll have an excuse to ask you guys to read it as a gift for me. bwahahaha )

Monday, 29 August 2011

My Dilemma: Of Manga, Art, and Nationality.

Err... actually, I kind of realize this already and decided to believe and do the things that makes me happy instead of thinking and making thinks complicated, so this post is actually just to state my opinion and I don't really need any advice, well, scratch that, it's ok if you wanna comment to state your opinion regarding the matter but be informed that it'll not affect what I think anymore (yes, I'm so sure of myself regarding this matter), not that I'm close-minded, 'coz I'm not.. urruuu~ I just refuse to do the things I don't wanna do, I decided to do things my way 'coz it makes me happy, and in the first place I decided to do this to make me happy so why be bothered?

Anyway... like what I said in my latest deviations in my Deviant Art Account, I'm plotting a new manga (I actually started working on it yesterday)... and the setting is here in the Philippines, therefore the characters are filipinos. And the problem, well, actually not a problem anymore, but I do admit that it bothered me before... anyway the thing that bothered me (note the -ed in the end of 'bother' it is past tense, so I mainly resolve this) is that I can't seem to make them look like Filipinos, well except for the clothes, 'coz they are wearing our national costume, because the setting will be the 19th century Philippines.

Ohhh... I'm gonna quote myself, I told a friend about this before, sorry for being a lazy ass, but I'm just gonna copy paste this from one of my comments.

Ok so someone told me that my character have to look more filipino, 'coz incidentally he looks like some j-pop idol. LOL, but I take no offense, 'coz seriously, I think so too. couldn't agree more... but err... it bothers me... anyway... here's my reply:

"That's the problem. Saowie (my supergirlfriend and partner in life, lol) told me that he looks like a Samurai of sort. He looks japanese. But what the hell? I can't draw a handsome and sexy guy without it being deemed as samurai/japanese? Why? because animu came from Japan? LOL They don't even have large eyes, yet society never had a problem with japanese character having beautifully big eyes, so why can't I make my pinoy OC as beautiful as the heroes in japanese anime? Honestly, i don't want him with dark skin, flat nose and a boring hair cut. I want him to look good. And this is what looks good in me. Fair skin, angst-y face, long haired guy. I know that Pinoy gentlemen from back then keep their hair short and clean, but who says he's a gentlemen of the standard social norm? LOL, he doesn't abide to anyone's rule or standard.  Oh, you have yet to read my manga.
(lol, another thing about japanese heroes/samurai of historical manga, THEY ARE BALD!!! Yet japanese animators/character designer draw them with long hair and long bangs... they do as they please and what will make the character look good, so, I'll do as I please too.)"

Hahaha~ I sample samurais because really, this thing bothers me! haha. It's a perfect example of what I'm trying to say. Japanese are well aware that people in real life are not that pretty, I mean, they cannot make them look bishounen if they have bald hair and thin slice eyes right? So they opted to give them long hair and wide eyes. And that's what I'm doing, I have to make my character look good too, nevermind if that's not the norm before (in terms of physical aspect).

Quoting myself again.

"I asserted my self already, and realized that i don't have any choice but to do things my way if I want to please my self too (in terms of character appearance ha) because this supposed-ly "pinoy look", which I don't have any idea on what actually it is (other than being dark skinned and pango) to begin with don't really please my eyes and passed to my standards of a beautiful character. lol"

And sooo... I decided to draw them the way I wanted to.

But then, another problem came up. The problem daw is that my supposedly "filipino manga" is too japan-esque and that I have to come up with a style that will depict and show more filipino feel to it. Oh nooo... don't make things too complicated guys. So what am I supposed to do? Create a manga with these filipino style? So my manga will look like some kind of "Pugad baboy" or kind of "Zsazsa Zaturna" style in terms of drawing? Not that there's wrong with that, it's actually wonderful, but what I'm trying to say is... guys, I'm going to make a manga. And yes, I'm doing it the way how Japanese draws, with those beautiful girls and boys. Because in the first place, this is what I really want. It's just a style guys! OK? It's just a style. And I love anime style art. My manga being in the anime style will not be a hinder to it being a  Filipino made, and the characters being Filipinos, 'coz really, I'm going to say again 'coz I can never stress this enough, it's just a style and I love this style.

I have my own style in art, well atleast when I'm painting in canvass and designing things. But I choose to do this manga in a way that will make me happy and satisfied (that is "anime-style"). I'm not actually bothered if it'll be mistaken as Japanese made, 'coz honestly, if someone mistakes it to be Japanese, I will take it as a compliment, that means that I'm a bit good as them. And quiet frankly I like their art better than ours. So does this make me less-filipino? I think not. I just have my own taste and opinion.

Maybe someday, I'll came up with my own distinct style THAT WILL MAKE ME PROUD AND HAPPY. But for now, this will do. This makes me happy. I'm not a hypocrite.

SOOOO... AHHHH~ time is up... I wanna say more but I really have to go. I might update this later.

Sorry if there are any grammatical errors, I really am in a hurry, cannot check it.

I'll leave you with these. I read this somewhere, and they have a point:

"About Filipino art.... I am a natural born Filipino and I have some questions.
If I paint a "Bayanihan" scene, or a "Pahiyas Festival" scene using a style which is clearly influenced by Van Gogh....is that considered Filipino art? Will I lose my national identity, or am I degrading myself, because I interpreted my culture using a style popularized by a foreigner? Let's all be open-minded about these things. "

"You got a point there, man! Heck, Juan Luna painted the Spoliarium (tama ba spelling noon?) in a style which is distincly European plus his Subject matter was European (you know, gladiator fights and stuff) and yet we are proud to have him as a national hero! Why? Well maybe because his painting, the style and the subject matter is just skin deep and what the people really looked into was the meaning and content of his work. Just a thought."

Anyway, If I may add, I assure you guys that you don't have to worry about my characters not being Filipino enough. Ok, so I draw them the way like the Japanese did it, but really the style won't tell if they have the heart of a true blooded Filipino, like my friend (oh, I hope she don't mind calling her my friend) Van said in the comments below, (and like what I just said above) anime is just an art style. I couldn't agree more. She's right. There are other more important things to determine if a character carries the blood of a Filipino... their behavior, their culture, they way they react to things, their traditions, basically how they will live their lives. And these things, I assure you guys that you don't have to worry, because I'm making my characters live the Filipino way. Yup pinoy na pinoy kaya pwede na kayong matulog ng mahimbing, ok? hahaha. Oh... part of me actually wish that the generation today have the vast knowledge on how our great great great grandparents live in the 19th century, and that they'll be able to relate their lives in my manga, since Filipinos live their life differently now compared to before. Oh well papel. Basta, I'm going to do this my way, you guys just have to sit back, and relax. :P

OOOHHH~ I'm talking like I'm a very good mangaka and that I know everything and that I don't need any help. LOL. Guys, I am far from great and I actually thinks that my works are mediocre, heck I even hate my artworks sometimes, I feel that it's not enough and that I still strive to be at my best. I'm just saying these things to not let you guys worry too much about me, but I'll tell you these, I think it's safe to inform you that I know what I'm doing and there's no need to instruct me on what and what not to do. But of course, constructive criticisms are always welcome. But make sure that it is indeed constructive and not just to show me how supposedly knowledgeable you are about the thing I'm doing. Because to tell you guys honestly, I hate know-it-all people. And I know when a person is actually concern and is actually giving me helpful tips and critics and if a person is being a show off and know-it-all that likes to poke their nose into someone's business without being helpful at all.  Just saying.

All the artworks above are my works. :)

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