Sunday, 31 July 2011

Enchanted Kingdom

Photo by: Saowie
Post-Process: Me

It’s been years since I stepped on that place so I couldn’t be more glad to finally grace the place once again! We went there as a part of team building/ field trip with my friends and new acquaintances in Victory Christian Fellowship’s Lifebox FEU. I’m so happy to have new friends. They are all so nice and fun to be with. Best part is, I get to be active again in church. I may not be the nicest person around (I’m actually mean, really mean) but I value my relationship with God a lot. Anyway… here are the pictures! We try almost all of the rides!
We meet at Mcdonald’s P.Campa. We used to have dinner here (me and my two bestfriends) every Friday night when I was in college… oh nostalgia!
Saowie and Rhein

Saowie and me.

Me and Sarah, she’s my youngest sister. XD
My breakfast. :)
  Here are the pictures inside the bus. :D                   

Photo by: Saowie
Post-Process: Me

Photo by: Saowie
Post-Process: Me
  Us at the bus going to Sta. Rosa Laguna. Can you spot me? :))
     Photo by Diane

Because planking is in hit… this is my friend, George, doing his versions of planking! :)) Funny guy. =))

Finally arrived at EK. We love taking pictures, we had tons even before we went inside the premises. Here are some of the pics:

Photo by: Saowie
Post-Process: Me

The moment we stepped inside the premises we gather first and have some fun games. Hello Dr. Quack Quack! Me and my group didn't won. aww… nevertheless, it’s a fun game. We also prayed for each other’s safety and thank God for the opportunity to be together. After that, we headed straight to the rides! Here are the pics!

EXTREME!!! Giving you extreme headache. :)) 

Photo by Diane
We also ride the smaller version of roller coaster, but I don’t have any pics… anyway, after that we headed straight to this hot-air-baloon-like ride, they call this Up Up and away. XD

Photo by Diane

After that, we decided to ride the Anchor’s Away! YAY! I have an unpleasant memory riding this one as it brings this painful yet tickling sensation down my stomach when I first tried this. I don’t know weather to laugh or to vomit all over the place that time, LOL, it’s a very confusing sensation. I was sitting at the very back/ far end of the ride that long time ago, so this time, I took precaution to not seat at the very end ‘coz I’m thinking that maybe somehow, it’ll lessen that tickling sensation… I was wrong, sitting in the middle doesn’t do much, but this time, I learned something new. To avoid that tickling sensation, all I have to do is look up at the sky as we are soaring down. And I guess that sensation I hated was triggered by the sight of falling from heights. Looking up at the sky was effective and I enjoyed it! It seemed like I was flying! I love it! And call me mean or whatever, as I’m looking at the people on the opposite side I can see some of them looking like they’ll gonna vomit or something, most girls buried their faces on the person sitting next to them. It’s kinda funny. Aww… I’ll share them the secret next time. :)

WOOOO! Look at me smiling! Totally enjoying the ride! HAHAHA. Thanks Djan for the pics! That girl with strong hands, gripping oh so tightly at her DSLR camera, taking photos while we’re on the ride. And look at ate Clang’s face! HAHAHA

Photo by Diane

Another favorite Photo. That’s kuya Roland, totally enjoying the ride (or is he screaming for dear life? lol idk)

Photo by Diane
After that, we took a stroll. Here, have a pic of me. :)

And then we line up to watch a short action clip at Realto. So love the vintage theme of the place.

Photo by Diane

Inside the Realto.
 After that, we decided to eat. Then we rest a bit while watching some singing and dancing performances at the food court. It’s nice. Then we decided to ride my favorite Ferrie’s Wheel! YAY! Totally awesome!

Then we went straight to Jungle Log Jam. No pictures. Aww… I cannot take pictures because the ride’s in water. Too chicken to risk my camera getting wet. But that ride was fun and scary. Miss it so much!
We’re so wet after riding that one! Urgh. And so we decided to ride the Realto since we’re already wet, getting soaked was not a problem anymore… or is it? No pictures again! HAHA. 
Then we went straight to Flying Fiesta! YAY~

After that we changed shirts because we are really soaking wet! Too bad I didn’t bring any lower garments with me, but it’s ok.
AND THE TIME COMES… We headed straight to the ever famous roller coaster. SPACE SHUTTLE FTW. Hardest and scariest part of it? Waiting in line, and as you were waiting, you’ll hear the screeching noise of the roller coaster as it speed up and down the loop. And I told my friends “That’s the sound of death.” Seriously! I got really scared! Well, I’m actually afraid of the aspect of having to ride the space shuttle as it slowly goes up the slope as it’s preparing for the momentum of going down as fast as it can. Yikes. I hate that tickling sensation it gives down my stomach. But yeah, after I passed that stage, I’m actually enjoying it! I didn’t even close my eyes! I love it! I actually have a picture while we’re soaring down, lol, and I’m smiling! HAHAHA. I’ll have it scan next time.

Photo by: Rhein

 After that fun fun ride, Sarah got hungry and so I accompany her to the foordcourt to buy hotdog on stick... there I saw this handsome guy performing. He looks so much lie Gu Jun Pyo from the koreanovela "Boys over flowers". I was so "kilig" when he turn to look at me while I'm taking his photos. :">

By night fall… Saowie’s dad pick us up so we didn’t go home with our friends anymore. But it’s ok. It’s way more convenient. Here’s some night time pics.

Bye EK! We had fun! :)
All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated.
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