Thursday, 21 July 2011

Goodbye good friend: My Last Potter Experience

My day last July 14, 2011, Thursday, was too painful to talk and blog about, so I decided to leave it alone and let my sadness vent for awhile. That was the day I both anticipate and dread. It was my last Potter experience.
I reserved tickets for Harry Potter DH part 2 two weeks before the showing at imax, we chose the midnight screening schedule starting at 10:30PM and will end at 1am in the morning, we have other commitments during the day that’s why we have to wait ‘til we’re free, I don’t mind staying up late outside for this, especially this, I have to watch it on the first day. It’s a must.
I arrived at MOA at around 6pm. Too early, I know, but it’s ok, I have to wait for Saowie to arrived from school. The moment we’re together, we decided to eat first, it’s necessary because I’m feeling dizzy and weak, it must be the intense emotions I’m feeling. We have to toughen up. We can’t do anything about my weak emotional stability but at least we have to do something about the physical aspect. Eat our heart out.
Here's Saowie, flashing a genuine smile. lovely.
I attempt to look happy too, but obviously, you can see the puffiness of my eyes.
AHHH… finally. Spicy Yakisoba and tuna sashimi. My favorite duo. :)
We dropped by at FullyBooked after that. I’m desperate to find new books to ravage. I have to move on. I decided to buy Murakami’s work… Anyway, I’ll post a separate blog about it.

At around 9:30PM we’re inside the IMAX’s lobby. There’s a Harry Potter Gallery. Everything was Harry Potter and it’s hurts. I don’t know why I’m like this, instead of celebrating and being happy, I’m hurting. There are lots of people, some are even in costume.
Anyway… here are the photos.

 The moment we’re inside the cinema… I became too silent. Even Saowie felt a little bit uncomfortable because I’m being weird. I actually warned her of what’s coming, but she can’t help to be weird-ed out, I guess. I’m too much to handle. I sit there, not moving, my eyes were fixed on the large screen in front of us… in about 30mins, the end of my childhood will officially begin. And the phrase “This is the last time” kept ringing on my ear. And everyone irritates the hell out of me. The giggling of the girl on our line, the gay dude beside me, the couple on our left, the guy who kept on looking at me (probably because I look like I’m about to rip someone’s throat) everyone! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY BEING TOO HAPPY ABOUT?! They can’t be too happy about this. Dafuq.
And I heard the gay dude beside me… “What the name of the crazy girl again? The one who have this weird curly hair?” and I was like… “WHAT THE FUCK? That’s Bellatrix Fucking Lestrange you’re talking about! How in the name of merlin can you forget that?! THIS IS HP WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! How come some people in here don’t even know every character’s damn name?!” but of course I kept that comment to my self. Ugh, I’m just too irritated. I don’t want this to end, so I guess, there are stages for me to overcome. The stage of being in denial, check. The stage of depression, check. and now, anger, check. Acceptance have to wait.
The moment WB logo came up the screen my emotions burst. I-FUCKING-CRIED. That’s right dude. Crying because the logo came up is not a theory, it’s proven. I JUST CAN’T HANDLE EVERYTHING RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. I was shaking, Saowie held my hand and kept on asking me if I was ok. Of course I’m not. But I keep calm and carry on. But then again… the name “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” came up and I cried again! What’s wrong with me?! This is too much. And i felt the gay dude on my right turn his head on me. He must be thinking that I’m a crazy girl. Too lunatic. I can’t even hold my self together.
I tried my best to focus on the screen. I value every lines that came out in every actor’s lips. Every acting they give. I let my self drown in magic once again… for the last time. And for a moment, I felt I was there, with them. I felt the adrenalin rush, the stress, the anger, the fear, the pain… the sorrow… I was there with them. It felt like dreaming. Every time any of the good guys defeat the bad guys, I applause, and everyone in the cinema does too. There are funny moments too. I laughed with them, even though there are tears in my eyes. And every time the screen showed the people I have come to love… dead, I gasped and a rush of pain presses on my chest.
It ended. I cried. I stayed inside the cinema, watching the screen as the credits rolls up. I tried to read every word… I appreciate everyone behind this wonderful movie. From the actors, directors, and producers, to make up artist, sound effects and props men. Everyone of them… i’m so grateful.
This is the last time. But I have to move on. I can’t say goodbye to Harry, Ron and Hermione like this, being grumpy and too bitter. I have to be happy.

So, wanna know what I look like even before entering the theater to watch Harry Potter? Basically… THIS. Crying my heart out at the bathroom. This is not staged, Saowie found my miserable soon to be non-harry potter life to be so hilarious she took a snap of photo… well… make that photoS.
I maybe over-reacting at first… but really, I shed tears. Lots of it. I hurts so bad.


  1. Depressing how the Harry Potter series are finally coming to an end...
    I'm so glad we have Harry Potter in our generation! But I'm curious to know what the next generation will come up with when we're all old and our kids, or younger siblings, or whatever are at this age.

  2. Wow.Amazing collections of books.

  3. @Vivian: Yeah, I'm really really depress. And I'm still currently in the state of Post-Potter Depression. :( When I'm old, I'll make sure that my kids and grandkids will get a hold of my precious HP books.

    @Diamond R: LOL, but there are no books in this post, maybe your pertaining to my other post. :))


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