Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Harry Potter Treasure: A Somewhat Personal Post

This post is a tribute to my HP stuff that I happily spent my time and money on for the past years. But some of these are given by the most special people in my life, most of all, these are sentimental things. Each and everyone of them has its background story.

I have all of the HP titles in hardbound, and also in soft bound. I don’t care if the content are the same, I just gotta have a hardbound copy. Plus, I have my reasons. When I was in highschool, I have friends who wanna read HP, but sadly their parents won’t buy them books so they borrowed mine, that time, all of my HP books are softbounds, I hate to say this, but the moment they returned the books from me, the covers are a bit crippled at the sides. Plastic covers won’t do much at the rate of people who kept on borrowing my books. But I want them to read it and share the joy of the magical world so I let them have my books. That’s when I decided that I should also have a hardbound copy, just for myself. No one can read it but me. Another reason why I like having a hardbound copy of the book is that, I tend to read the books over and over again. I carry them anywhere, thus I have to have a strong copy of the books. Another thing is, my hands are sweaty. Yep, I’m extremely “pasma”. Hardbound books are sweat tolerant and that’s the best thing about it. XD

The 7th and last book is extra special. This is the very first HP gift I received from Saowie. It’s her birthday gift to me. She’s a very special girl to me, and the fact that she has given me one of my most desired things in the world made this even more special.

My favorite. The round glasses. It’s not actually an HP merchandise. No. It’s better than that. This one is vintage. My uncle owned it. I never knew/saw that uncle of mine, he passed away at a very young age, just merely 21. My youngest sister gave this to me few years ago after my granpa dies. Mom and her was keeping away my granny’s things when they saw this inside his drawer, together with his own things. He kept his youngest son’s glasses as a reminder of him. I found this so amazing that he wore the same glass like Harry’s. Take note, this eyeglasses are a bit small, actually, even too small for me, indicating that he wore this as a child. And I saw his pictures, he’s a very handsome guy. I bet he’s a cute child too, just like Harry (well, that’s Dan Rad, ok). And my dad told us that he’s the kindest among all of them. His name is Russell.

Another sentimental HP-related stuff I have. Again, this is not an officially HP merchandise or one of those commercialize wands out there because this is better than that. This is given to me by the boy who means so much to me, he’s my first love, (lol, but I never admit it to him even though we bought know how I feel about him. hahaha, and he also didn’t bring that up for us to talk about, so I was left there just admiring him, ohwell, we’re not here to talk about that) he is also one of my bestfriend… and most specially, he took the responsibility of an elder brother, I actually call him “kuya” (ouch!). He gave me this, he’s a Harry Potter fanatic too, and I actually think that he’s more of a fan than I am. We both have the same type. This one is from London, a friend have this shipped to him. This is handmade from the wood called “Holly”, the very same wood that Harry’s wand is made of. So awesome. I cannot believe it. He opted to give me a wand just like Hermione’s (or so he says), but something happened, it didn’t came. So he gave me this, this wand was planned to be curved and have the same design exactly like Harry’s but circumstances won’t let us do so… so it stays this way for years now. Another thing… the boy who gave me this to me, he’s the reason why I’ve become a Harry Potter fanatic, but I doubt he knows that, I didn’t tell him. Where is he now? Somewhere where I can’t reach him.

These three books are from Saowie. How lucky I am to have her? She supports my obsession and that’s one of the many things I like about her. I am so thrilled to have these three, complete, in my hands. She gave me the Tales of Beedle the Bard two years earlier than the other two, as a Christmas gift, and I felt that I was the happiest girl in the world that Christmas eve. And then I wished that I could also have the other two remaining books… but we can’t find the two books in any books store here in Manila, and I kinda forgot about it and let it passed… until earlier this year… she surprised me with these last two books! I swear I could die of sudden happiness. I mean, she was late that night and I was kinda worried, where have she been? It made me angry too, very much angry. But when she came she hand me this and I jumped for joy! All of the anger that’s left in me drained out of my system. What a memorable night.

These are my VCD’s of HP. At that time, the other movies haven’t came out in VCD and DVD yet. I bought these three out of what’s left in my allowance. I saved for days. I cannot afford DVD that time, so the poor me opted for these instead. And ohhh… the moment HP4 came out in DVD, I bought it immediately, and now that I mentioned it, wtf, I didn’t get to include it in this photos!!! shame.

These are the collector’s edition dvds of HP. These are from Saowie… yet again. See? How lucky am I to have this girl who support my addiction, even though she spent a lot in it. These are 1k each! And she gave me four of them last Christmas! She even opted to give me all of the six movies but sadly the other two haven’t came out yet in collector’s edition. These DVDs are packed with an extra cd that featrues the making of the movie, interviews, behind the scenes, special effects, the composition and making of the music, the trio’s audition and a lot more! :)

These two cuties are also from Saowie. I named them wormtail and errol. But I call wormtail “ren”, because Saowie’s real name is Saren. HAHA, it’s a tribute, I guess.

The two of my softbound copy of the books. See how worn out they are?

Notice the scarf underneath it all? I had it custom-made one rainy night. Rain didn’t stop me to went to the tailor along the dangerous and busy street of Recto. I gotta have that scarf.
Also, notice that book on the far right side? That’s made of wood. My uncle curved it for me. The design is an exact replica of Hermione’s book shown in Chamber of Secrets, and surprisingly, that same book made an appearance for the second time in Goblet of Fire. :)

These books… made a huge impact in my life. 


  1. WOW you treasure your collection so well! I always end up loosing the cover illustration of the hardcover books, so mine are all ugly now. I wish I took better care of them. Now that I look at all of my books, I feel rather sentimental about them also. They represent my innocent childhood. ; u ;.

  2. Yeah, it's really so sad that Harry Potter is ending! I think that's what a lot of people look forward to every year. It's finally over :[

  3. wowww i love your collection!

    and thankyou so much for following me <3
    really appreciate it :3

  4. Potato: aww... yeah, you should've took care of your books more. Cover illustration is fun to look at. :) Thank you for reading this post. :)

    Green Tea Lover: Yes, I am so sad about this. There's no Harry Potter movie to look forward to, it's really sad. We are the harry potter generation after all.

    Just Jennifer: Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it. I followed your blog 'coz it's interesting, and you're pretty. <3 Thanks for following back, it made me really happy.

  5. O_O That's an amazing collection! JK Rowling must be uber touched to have fans like you. Not kidding!

    I'm just a half-hearted fan that.. has nothing really.
    LOL Q_Q more like just a nosey parker who watches all the movies.

  6. Wow so much ^^ i always thought i had a lott Harry potter stuff :0 i love all the stories you have whit them :)

  7. Very awesome collection!! *hands down*


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