Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Wonderland of Printed Word.

In relation with the dilemma of the ending of my favorite franchise *coungharrypottercough* and the scarcity of new books in my shelf, I decided to buy new ones, as well as re-buy an old book for a new and shiny hardbound copy *coughhungergamescough*.

Of course, my favorite bookstore in the country never fails to respond for the demand of this craving bookworm. Their shelves are made up of wonders. Hello Fullybooked.

The happy me looking for more! But at this point, I’ve decided that, yes, I’m gonna buy those two books that were already in my hands.

Saowie, helping me pick.

More books.

and my favorite, favorite writing on their lovely wall. <3

And I ended up buying this two. Yes, I’ll move on from being a Potterhead to being a Tribute. Tribute, that’s what they call us, fans of the The Hunger Games Trilogy. I’m still a potterhead, I will always, and forever be, but at this rate, I have to focus on my new addiction. Nothing will ever beat Harry Potter, but I’ve gotta admit, Suzanne Collins is another genius who can pull off a very good story that leaves me hanging on my seat and craving for more.
I also bought Haruki Murakami’s “Dance Dance Dance”, a sequel to his “A Wild Sheep Chase” I decided to collect most of his title. I love his unique, bitter sweet stories, and I wonder how can he manage to pull of something so sublime yet never fails to enable the readers to connect to his world.

I went on looking for The Hunger Game’s sequel, Catching Fire, but unfortunately it was out of stock, but luckily, the cashier told us that we can order titles that aren’t on their shelves and they’ll contact us asap if our books have arrived. So I happily ordered a hardbound copy of Catching Fire, and I also decided to order The Perks of Being of Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I wanted a hardbound copy of it, but the cashier told us that the publisher don’t publish any hardbound copy of the book anymore. So I ordered the softbound one instead. And last Sunday, we went again to their store to pick it up. YAYAYAYYYY~ So happy. <3

Catching Fire!!! Atlast! I haven’t read it yet, I remember when the book came out last two years(?) I really really want to buy it, but I don’t have any money that time, and when I have the money, all of the bookstore didn’t have any copy at all. It’s sold out, and I just let it pass and eventually forgot about it until Mockingjay came up, another sequel, and I refuse to buy it even though I have money for it, because I’m still bitter by the fact that I don’t have a copy of Catching Fire, and I’m so stubborn I don’t wanna read it online! And last March, Saowie bought home a hardbound copy of Mockingjay. I’m so happy but I wasn’t able to read it because I have yet to read catching fire first, so my Mockingjay is still sealed for nearly 5 months now. This is why I’m so happy to finally have Catching Fire in hands, because I’ll be able to finally read it, and my Mockingjay will be out of shelf in no time, at last!

And finally! A copy of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” yayayay~


  1. You're surely a bookworm!

  2. Yeah, I really am... I think it's a good thing though. :)

  3. aha funny how sometimes people say that i look like anne hathaway, i don't know why! :o but i do love her, it really feel like a compliment to me :D so thank you for you lovely comment, i'm following you back too :)

    about your post, omg, just you just love books stores? they really smell like...brand new books! I don't know if it's the same on your country but here you can sit there and read a book for hours if you feel like it, even if you don't buy them ^^ sometimes i would skip boring classes to go there and read a nice book instead, maybe Agatha Christie or Juliet Marillier. But i never read nothing from Haruki Murakami, are the books good? I heard a lot of good things about him but i never really understood what were his books about, specially because of the ambiguous titles they have xD

    kisses and hugs * Monstros no Armário

  4. Hi sweeties,Rayshi!:)I like your blog's personality.Beautiful and interesting!

    Welcome to my blog too.:D

  5. Nice post :) the bookstore loooks so cozy :)

  6. I am jelaz of that lime-colored little book! HUHU.


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