Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Recent Favorite Sketches

I've been drawing and making sketches out of plain bond paper lately. Nothing too special, but the result left me satisfied. I never expect that this little pieces will turn into one of my favorite artworks. I usually work without a solid theme in mind as this was actually just doodles turned out really nice, and when I come up with a theme in the process, my hands voluntarily leads the lines into it. This drawings gives that impression of quaint, dreamlike atmosphere that runs through every girls mind. What do you think of them? I'm thinking of having this kind of theme painted in canvass for more serious artworks, should I?

Please click the link for a higher resolution. :D These are all pen & ink in bond paper.

1 comment:

  1. there's a van gogh painting over there! :O i like the last one the most specially the part where the canvas she's painting starts coming into live ^^ i think yes, you should do a canvas of the drawings :D even if you don't use a a bunch of colours you could use only two tones, that would look cute and a bit different from the usual :)
    just random ideas x)

    xoxo, Monstros no Armário


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