Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sending the World my Hello.

Dear You,

How does someone pull a good impression by introducing herself? I have introduced myself for so many times now and I'm still not sure if anyone read the whole paragraph that I put up in many of my websites, still, I tried.

Hello. My name is Rayshi Macapagal. I make art for a living. Ever since I was young I knew what I wanted in life. To be an artist. My life revolves around it and memories of my childhood are filled with dreams that I happily ploted in my sketchbooks.

I love reading. I spent my free time reading books, if not making art. The smell of new and old books wakes my senses and every word in it leads me to drift away inside its own world.

I love eating. Tasting new cuisine and hopping into an unfamiliar place that serves good food to satisfy my taste buds has been one of my activities these past few years.

I listen to music a lot. Classical ones never fails to leave an impression. What am I expecting? That's why they are called classics. I've been listening to a lot of bands, bands of different genre but most of them are rock, as well as bands and singer who are giving life to indie rock.

I love to see the world. Saving up to travel in different countries and embrace their culture have been my motivation to work and save up lately. Our world is beautiful, it is sublime.

And I always make sure to capture the wonderful place we live in. I take photos. Lots of photos, to remind me that despite the fact that our world can be cruel and bits of humanity has lost its sanity, it is still a place worth living, you just have to find the beauty that lies in it.

I'm trying to love all of the people around me. Trying to know the strangers of the world, that's why I'm here. I love reading other people's blog and whenever I do I feel that life is beautiful. These people shares the beauty of their life; their interests which keep them sane; their adventures and how happy it is to be alive. I hope to do the same as well. I'm not as good with words like them, but I wanted to share my life too. I've been blogging in tumblr, I rarely do reblogs there 'coz I like my blog to be personal, and I put a lot of effort to share them what I've been up to with my life, but I finally feel the need to be here, that's not the right place to be in if I wanted good readers. This is the place for me, for people who also loves reading original stuff and actually take time to be in the same adventure as you as they read your blog.

I wanted to have friends here. Help me gain more and let us share each other's passion.



  1. lovely post, i couldn't agree with you more. I'm also here to share my stories and help others with theirs if I can. People should use the Internet not to make fun of others on social networks, they should embrace the opportunity that it was given to us to share and know different person from differents cultures. I think Internet it's an amazing invetion, so do blogs but for some reason there are still people who you'll use it for mean things.
    I like your life perspective :)

    sorry the random comment, i just though it would be nice for you to know that there are more people out there who also share this positive thoughs. :)

    hugs * Monstros no Armário

  2. Hello. I couldn't agree more about what you said on how we should properly use the internet.
    I'm glad that someone shares the same positive thoughts like me. Thank you for letting me know. :)


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