Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Classic Savory dine-out, All Time Low concert tickets, Starbucks

Last week, Monday, July 25, 2011, I decided to buy tickets for All Time Low’s Concert, and so, I told Saowie that we should meet at MOA at 6PM. Little did I know that she was with her friends and my sister. MY SISTER! So they are friends now huh? And they plan to eat dinner somewhere after we get our tickets.

I just have to have my picture taken while holding this moohlas while it’s still in my hands before it was gone like it never existed. Oh concert tickets, why are you so expensive?!
After paying and getting our tickets, we decided to take a walk and do window shopping, we dropped by at FullyBooked and believe me, it was a pain! I’m struggling so hard and trying my best to refrain from buying and splurging my money on books since I really really have to save up for travels and other important things. 
And I beg them to get out of the place and eat out instead. We walk around looking for a good place to dine in, they wanted to eat at Sbarro but I’m not craving for pizzas that time and Rhein suggested that we should try to eat at Classic Savory. It’s a restaurant that offers good Filipino/Spanish dishes… I checked out their menu and there’s this soup that caught my attention, it’s called Hototai. It looks delicious and I wanna try it out so we decided to eat there. Yeah, all because of Hototai, lol, funny name. We ordered a set since there’s many of us, it’s a good way to cut expenses without cutting the quantity of food we’ll consume. The moment the food arrived before us, Sarah’s friends texted her that they’re already at the mall and will join us at dinner, and so we fetched them and lead them to the resto… YAY IT’S DINNER TIME!
Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I only used my cellphone (and Saowie and Kristelle’s phone).
camwhoring while waiting for our food.

Decos on their wall. Lovely pictures of old Manila on a wood block.

I am no food guru so I’m just gonna leave you with this yummy food pics. :)

Oh the ever famous Hototai!

The food was very delicious! And left us satisfied and burping. You get the quality for a good price. I love it!

From left to right: Jheda, Kristelle, Sarah, Saowie, Me, Reese, Rhein

And now, they are with Franz at the far right, I took the photo.
After the war with our food, the boys decided to go home because they’re all “chicken” loljk. We, girls decided to chill at starbucks while exchanging stories in between sipping coffee. AHHH… life. And there are stars on the the sky that night too.
I look so tired. LOL

At around 9:30PM, we all went home ‘coz Kristelle and Jedah’s dorm have this curfew policy. :( But it’s ok, we all had fun that night.

P.S. Thank you guys for reading my blog. I really really appreciate it. I love you all! :)
In my next entry, I'll probably talk about my experience in Little Tokyo. That place is awesome! I'm so excited to share it with you guys! And yes! I'll post high quality pictures, unlike this crappy cellphone pics here, I'm really sorry about that. :(

Also, I still have to make new artworks and post it here for you guys to see. :)

Rayshi <3

(Oh, I should make a signature too, yes?)


  1. Wow! Money.. and FOOD!! Lunchtime dito at bigla na lang akong nagutom. haha!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Oh, and the confetti and banana dance, much appreciated. lol.

    yeah, go make a signature. :)

  2. Soo much food photos, it all looks so delicious !
    Sounds a looks like you had a lot of fun :))

    Jelenadoll <3

  3. What kind of digital SLR do you use? Beautiful photos!

    Check out my blog if you have the chance :)

  4. Lea: Ahahaha, you're welcome! I love your blog, it is witty!

    Jelena: Yeahm definitely delicious. Yum Yum~ Thanks for dropping by!

    Alex: Hi! I only use cellphone camera in this photos... but you still like this? I'm glad! Ahahaha. But I usually use my canon 450D when taking photos.

  5. Great blog :) !! Do you want to follow each other ? Hope to hear from you soon ,



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