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Going Japanice. Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant @ Little Tokyo

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, but finally here it is, I took a day off from work today, mostly spent my time eating and sleeping. Me and my friends had a drinking session and wild night, and I cannot bring myself to get up early and go to work. And guys, I just wanted you to know that I read all of your entries everyday, I just cannot leave a comment 'coz I'm in the office and I'm afraid that I might get caught by my boss, I got caught once when I'm typing a comment into a certain entry and I heard words from him about it, I'm just glad that he didn't blocked blogger. But anyway, I'm not here to blog 'bout that, as I promise from my last entry, I'll tell you guys 'bout my experience in Urameshi-Ya.

Photo roll call begin!

Yakiniku is a Japanese dish that means 'grilled meat. This resto boast of authentic Japanese food especially prepared by Japanese chefs.

I love the presentation of the place. Outside the resto are this woods with names on it, I'm not really sure if this are really names... but I read somewhere that this design was inspired by 'funeral/cemetery' type. Its layout, are inspired by Japanese funeral customs like the use of sotoba as decos.
I love the rustic and Japanese-country-side feel of the place. The interior was really nice. It reminds me of Meiji japan. I've been very fond of that era... probably because of my obsession for the anime and manga Ruruoni Kenshin and Peace Maker Kurogane. The moment we entered and see the awesomeness inside I was itching to wear a kimono just to complete the feel. :))
This is a bar inside, yes, you can have a drink here. One small bottle of sake will do if you're alone, but it'll be more fun if you're with your friends.
I love looking at Japanese calligraphy.
love the rustic decos.

 I've been very fond of the Japanese culture, ever since I was a kid I've been dreaming of Japan. The first time I came to know about the world of anime, I've been fascinated about how the Japanese culture works. Every single aspect of it. The language, the name, the place, the tradition, the national clothing, the street clothing, the food.

As we enter, the waitress direct us to our respective seats. She even advice us what to order since we didn't really know, lol. And because we're a large group, (6 all in all) she told us to try their set, all of their best sellers are already included.
Look at those comfy sitting, sit ala japanese. Just look at that low table, tatami mats, and futon.

I love eating. I can eat almost anything, even exotic foods, lol. I love trying out different delicacies and food of every nation, as I call it. But alas, I'm not that rich to spend too much on food and to hop in every high end restaurant that specialize in a certain food.

I was so thrilled to see that they have this huge shelf for mangas, books and Japanese magazines. This is eye candy. But was a bit disappointed to see that the mangas are in Japanese. No translation! But it's ok because I don't like the genre of the manga... it's mostly josei and seinen.

The waitress told us to try their Wagyu TokuToku set at PHP 2,800. It's good for 4-6 persons, and all of their yakiniku best sellers are already included in here. The waitress placed 5 plates of meat in front of us, as I vaguely remember.  These are different cuts of meat –beef and pork. There is also a plate for a fresh cut of liver. It also includes beef tongue which I'm so thrilled to try. But my hunger got the best out of me, I can't remember which one is the tongue. :( But I'd like to think that that's a good sign of best meat 'coz you'll not be able to be freak out by the appearance or by taste. You'll just devour everything that's in front of you.

I want to note that everything in this restaurant, all of the dishes and every ingredients that they use are from Japan. 

The beef were so tender and tasty while the pork was not tough as well. I read somewhere that beef (kobi beef) from Japan is the best beef in the whole word. Because Japanese people, breed and pamper their cows especially for their meat. They massage them and made them drink beer, what a life! 

Anyway... A dipping sauce is provided for the barbecues.

Oh the wonder of grilling and cooking your food right before your eyes.
 Yakiniku is good along side a cup of Japanese rice,but we didn't order any 'coz we decided to order a ramen instead. We don't wanna get bloated. =))

There are different kinds of ramen but Saowie and I decided to try their Enma Ramen at PHP 250. We love eating spicy food and this is just perfect. Enma ramen comes in different degree depending on the chilliness. The waitress ask us the degree of our Enma Ramen.  The usual is 5, she recommends.  Higher than that are already fiery, she says, but I told her that I'm very fond of spicy food and I can even eat a whole fresh chili. Siling labuyo FTW! And she was shocked, and so I ordered degree 10. I'm expecting to feel the thrill of a very spicy ramen that I'll regret ordering it, but much to my disappointment, level 10 enma is bearable and was nothing for me. Yeah, like a boss. 

The "devil's ramen"

We also ordered a small bottle of sake (400Php) just for the heck of it. It's the first time we're gonna try it and I'm so excited about it. I don't know what to expect from the taste. Sake is surprisingly mild and taste like beer for me. It's ok. 

Pardon my tired eyes. I haven't slept the night before this event. Me and Saowie actually came all the way from Malolos, Bulacan to drink with friends. And guess what? We drank from 9PM to 6AM in the morning! LOL no sleep. yeah. We drank tequila and I end up being sleepy not because of the alcohol but because of the lack of sleep itself. Ok, I'm not surprise because as we say, I already have this iron liver in me. LIKE A BOSS.

This is very interesting. There's a shelf of sake bottles just beside the door. But all of them are already open, and has a name tag. Turns out, most of the Japanese who frequents here have their own sake bottles na. And if they end up not finishing a whole bottle, all they have to do is put a name tag on it and leave it to the shelf. They can always come back to finish it.
 Here are some night time pics! :)

We promise to come back and try each and every restaurant in the place! I'm looking forward to this.

I read this somewhere:

The owners of Urameshi-ya shuttle regularly between Japan and Manila. 

They get fresh ingredients from Japan for Urameshi-ya. 

From Manila, they bring fresh ingredients for the Filipino Restaurant they own in Japan. 


  1. the food looks yummy :3 and you are tuff! no sleep + alcool usually makes me sleepier, ahaha xD last time i drunk all night i ended up fallin asleep at my best friend's lap LOL and he's a guy, poor him that had to endure my drunkenness xDD
    but at least it seems like it was worth it, you really lok like you were having lots of fun :)

    love* Sofia

  2. been lemming to try this place, but couldn't find someone to drag with me >.< lame excuse i know.. LOL
    i know you're doing great! enjoy!
    hope to see you around!

  3. The place look great from your photos. And obviously you had loads of fun :)

  4. want to be in your shoes! looks like you've had a lovely little trip.
    Also, the images are such good quality, felt like i was right beside you
    much admiration from

  5. Wowowowowow, so much yummmmmmy food *_* The ramen looks so good... That's awesome how they have manga there but ya...too bad it's in Japanese T_T I'm a new follower~ Hehe <3

  6. the place seems so nice and warm. the food looks yum :)
    BTW i like your blog,im your new follower,i hope you'll follow back :)

  7. OMG the place looks surreal! This is very lovely and it actually looks like you're somewhere in Japan! Very delicious-looking food by the way. Where is this restau located? =)

  8. Hi guys! I'm glad you like this entry. <3

    Sofia: I guess I'm just used to drinking so much. But no, I'm not an alcoholic, I actually hate it, I drink because it's fun when you do it with friends. :)

    Diane: You should try it! Bring a family member if you must. :)

    L'marie: Thank you so much. <3

    Tiara: Yeah, the food is definitely great and those mangas are pretty to look at but definitely hard to understand. LOL. Hey, thank you for following, I followed you already. :)

    Fragrancia: Glad you like my blog. I followed you back because I like all the reviews you have there. :)

    Jemy: Heyyyy~ You should definitely try this, it's located in Pasong tamo cor. amorsolo here in Makati.

  9. Theres a little tokyo in manila?! tell me more please!! :D
    That place looks so great, i definitely need to tag some people along there these days!!

    andd thanks for following my blog!^^

  10. Thanks for your nice comment, following you! Hope you'll follow back soon if you aren't already :)


  11. your post makes me hungry! :)


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