Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Manga Work-In-Progress

Hello guys… as you have noticed, I haven’t posted any personal posts here in blogger these past  weeks mainly because I’m currently doing my manga…. that, plus the fact that I’m terribly busy with my life. I think that I am too slow to finish a chapter. But I can’t help it. I am outside 9 hours a day, and the only time I can do my manga is when I get home. I spend 4 hours doing only at least 2 pages of it. Yes, I roughly spend more than an hour in just one page, depending on its content. But when the page has simple drawings in it, less than an hour will do. You see, I did my manga traditionally, and I spend time inking and semi-toning it using my trusty unipins only.

I was torn between doing it digitally or traditionally at first but decided on the latter. I’ve browse different sites which hosts different manga titles from an amateur to professional mangakas. And I cannot get out of this itching feeling that the traditionally-made manga is more appealing than digital ones. Almost all of my idol-mangakas did it traditionally and just later enhance it digitally. there is something about those ink on a rough paper that you can actually hold. 

Plus, another reason why I did this traditionally is because of my precious “time”. I am a very busy person and I almost don’t have time for my self, friends and family (my social life… gone). If I decided to do it digitally the only time that I can work is when I am inside the house. Which is a no-no. Since I’m just squeezing it in my free time (which is actually ironic because it took all my time going home to my family in the province every weekends)… I have to take advantage of every opportunity that I can lay my hands on my WIP-manga. So basically, yes, whenever I am, whatever the time is, if it’s a free time, you’ll see me doing my manga. LOL. I have this feeling that I already look like an addict.

Anyway guys… so far so good. Here’s some pictures of the manga pages that I have scanned last night. Still need to put texts and some effects digitally though.

P.S.  Because I cannot sleep without perfecting the tones and the tiniest details on every page of my manga, I’m going too slow. I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to doing a manga, everything have too look good in my eyes! This is not good anymore, I swear it’ll be the death of me. So I postponed the launching of it. I’m almost done, just adding some finishing touches… I can actually upload it tonight already (at smackjeeves.com), but it’s my birthday on tomorrow… so, launching it on my birthday will be far more special. (plus I’ll have an excuse to ask you guys to read it as a gift for me. bwahahaha )


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  2. awwweee...this is TOTALLY AMAZING! I loooove drawing manga too, haha we should really meet and make our own manga! BTW, I read your 'interest' on your profile page and aaaaah u like soujiro too? I've been a fan of him for like 8 years? Lololol~!!!

  3. hey, long time no see ^^

    do you interested to join my giveaway ?

  4. I'm in love with your blog. Wish I could draw like that. Your newest followers xx

  5. Not really into manga/anime but I must say that you have great talent in drawing! I'm envious!


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