Thursday, 24 November 2011

Another Year for You Tita

Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a week despite the fact that I said I will. But then I have to attend a huge event last Saturday that I wasn't able to touch my blogger. And yes, so excited to tell you about it too. But first I owe you recaps of what has happened to me these past months. (btw, I suffered from dysmenorrhea last Sunday, another reason why I wasn't able to post anything... and yeah, I got busy again after that. T__T)

So last August 29 was one of the fun events that I need to talk about. It's Tita Susan's birthday (for my non-Filipino followers, tita means auntie). She's a rather important person in my current life since I live with her and her family here in the city (I'm originally a country girl). So celebrating her birthday with her and her family is one of the few things I can do to show my gratitude.

Here's the birthday girl. How cute, she even have icing on her face. LOL
They started their drinking session early on that afternoon and it ended pretty late, actually, when I think about it, dawn is already breaking when it ended. Me and Saowie (Saowie is my partner in crime) stayed in our room the whole day but go down at around 8PM. People are getting pretty tipsy at that time already and it's fun watching them. They're really loud but definitely having fun. Tita wishes everybody's happiness, good health, financial stability and happy life for each and everyone of us. She specially mentions me and my parents too. Then she blows the candles.

Tito Pol gave her a bouquet of red roses. How sweet.
Family pic. Of course I was the one who took the photo. Always the photographer. huhu

There are plenty of food laid out in the dining table inside the house. Lola (grandma) is a cook and owns a small eatery so the food is topnotch. However, I wasn't able to snap a photo of each and every dishes 'coz  I'm starving, but managed to take a picture of the dishes I ate.

After eating, me and Saowie go back outside to check on them. They're getting really noisy, there's a lot of shouting and laughing going on. Only to found out they are having a mini dance party. Oh god, these old people are drunk. LOL and to think that we, the youngsters should be on their shoes instead. It's really kind of funny. Seeing your guardians so wasted. But they're totally having fun so it's fine. XD I actually have plenty of pictures of the "miracles" that happened that faithful night but I better not disclose it to the internet world as it might spread like wild fire 'coz of its awesomeness. lolwhut

After watching them do their crazy things, I decided to go back to my room and continue working on my manga, I can still hear them though, and I can't help but smile. Moments later Saowie joined me and handed me my camera which i left downstairs. We end up camwhoring. It's been ages since we canwhored together. I missed it. We have about 20 pictures all in all. Most of it are wacky shots. I cannot show it to you guys, 'coz honestly, it's beyond wacky. I wonder how did we manage to look that hideous in those photos? LOL I'm not even exaggerating. NO. I cannot show it to you. So I'll live you with our normal one. Pretty much what we look like at home. :D

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. @vicky-chan: Hello! Thank you. Glad you loved them. :D

  2. i'm droolingggggggggssssssssss.... :D
    happy belated bday to ur aunty. :D


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