Monday, 28 November 2011

I need more time!!! Please?

I’ve been wanting to organize everything in my life lately. Down from the seemingly insignificant ones up to the most important. Ex. my room, my bookshelf, pictures I’ve taken from the past months, my pending artworks, my accounts (‘coz I’m everywhere in the web, lol), and so far, all I managed to do was to make a very slow progress with it. Every attempts to fix and organize everything up just leads to failure. I lack time. I planned to finish everything last weekend but something came up again. Urgh, I mean, ok, given, we have to celebrate my mom’s birthday all day, all night, no regrets though ‘coz I enjoyed every moment of it. So, I adjusted my schedule, have to do everything on Sunday instead, but my aunt came up with an impulsive idea to go to Enchanted Kingdom with the rest of the family… it’s been fun. EK will always be a fun place to be at. But these constant life-enjoyments live me with things that I need to attend to.
I badly needed time management. Actually, I needed at least extra 3 hours added to our 24 hours. =___= *brb still organizing things up.*

Here's what I wore yesterday. Actually had a shoot before going to EK. Will post pictures soon. :)

Random EK pic. I'll upload more soon. X3

Anyway... I just wanted to put up these Kirsten Dunst candid pictures I found on Tumblr.  These are beautiful. She remind me so much of my sister and my mom when she was younger. The resemblance is just so klsdfdjbgfbghbg. hnggggg~


  1. Great pics! ^^

    And I know the feeling - I would also need some extra hours. ^^'

  2. I agree, it would be great to extend the day, I never have enough time to get everything done! Blehh.

  3. @vicky-chan: Hi! Thank you. We're so buys we need extra hours. orz

    @That 20 Something: Yeah! Urgh. orz

  4. Liar, it's not kirsten. it's you. =P


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