Wednesday, 30 November 2011

September 14 *le birthday girl*

Hi guys~ 

Late post is late. Super late. I don’t actually plan to post this ‘coz y’know, me, having celebrating a birhtday is not that big of a deal. Pfffft. But my birthday this year is kind of special since I didn’t plan to actually celebrate it. No food, no friends, no partyin’ family members around. All I wanted was to stay at home, lock my self in my room and spend the day sleeping. ‘Coz I rarely do that these days, it’s the best-est present that I can give my self. 
But- but… as the day ends, and when I thought I succeeded at spending my day at peace, Saowie called me and told me to go downstairs. So I did, wondering what’s up. (I nearly forgot that it’s actually my birthday). As I’m walking down the stairs I heard tito Pol said “Ang tagal namang bumaba ng araw” LOL wtf? He called me “THE” sun because I’m so white. >_< Anyway, as soon as I emerge from the stairs they started singing “Happy Birthday”. LOL. I didn’t expected that at all. All the family members was there, singing for me. And they handed me my cake. I was so speechless. There are foods and drinks. Many of it. I never knew that that whole day, they are busy preparing for my birthday while I was sleeping all day. These people are so sweet. They’re just my extended family, but they did this for me. SO SWEEEEETTTTT. 


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