Tuesday, 13 December 2011

David & Rechel's Wedding

(yeah, I spelled her name correctly.) My cousin hired me to be their official photographer at their wedding last November 13. So glad that he did ‘coz I love them to bits even though they don’t actually realize this. LOL. I mean, I adore their relationship so much. There’s nothing compare to the history of these two. They are actually childhood sweet hearts. Since the day they met when they were just first graders they like each other right away. Most kids don’t like to be teased with anyone of the opposite sex but these two actually enjoyed it. My mom was their homeroom teacher and was the witness of these so called best-friendship to puppy love to young love and eventually to a serious relationship.
Anyway, imma post pictures from behind the scenes and random pictures of me with my family during the event. As I’m not allowed to post the official pictures anywhere yet. (‘Coz I’m not done editing them all. urgh)Add caption

Here’s the bride. She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen. O_O

oohhh the never ending.

The venue.

my mom prepping up. aww…

Me and my beautiful mom. <3

Sarah, Mom, My other sis, Lea, and Jen.

of course, yours truly. :))

Groom's bro and sis, Mhon and Glory

Sarah, Mom, My other sis, Lea, and Jen.

Bride's Maid and Best Man

Taking a break from snapping shots.

Me with the bride and groom. LOL, I’m wearing sleepers at this point. My feet hurts already. I promise to buy flats next time, all I have are killer heels. :(

The day was so tiring. It’s hard if you’re the only photographer around. I kept running here and there to make sure I capture every important moments. I’m supposed to have a partner but she can’t make it that day so I work alone. But it totally paid of. I love the outcome and totally love the fact that I became an essential person to their wedding. LOL
Actual Date: Nov. 13, 2011


  1. Hi Rayshi :)
    You were the selected photographer of a wedding?! That's too cool =O
    I love photography and looking at your pictures, it's no wonder they chose you. It's nice hearing about lovers who just seemed to be fated ever since they were so young.
    On another note, your dress looks great and you look perfectly fine in sleepers. The heels even looks like it hurts.

    Oh, I think it's pretty cute that you grew up believing in magic with harry potter and his friends, hehe ^.^

  2. NICE SHOTS!! my bf is trying out photography... and he's not doing it right... LOL. anyway, i'll show your shots to him so he'll be inspired to strive harder with his new found hobby..

    love to hear from you more...
    follow my blog too



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