Monday, 16 January 2012

Company Christmas Party

 I should really be burned to death by now for not staying true to my words. Last month, I said I’ll blog everything about what happened last December, but I didn’t got the chance. I’m really busy watching HunterXHunter and other movies and anime and… I know this is not the proper way to blog but… I’m such a bad blogger, why am I even blogging? FUUUUUU~ It’s more like a photoblog, let the pictures speak for itself.
anyway, here’s my first entry, this has been in my draft folder for too long. I should have published it right away! FUUUUU~
December 3, 2011. Our very very early Christmas party held at Makati Sports Club.
I regret not taking a full body shot. =__= I love my dress.

Me and Jayze.

Me, jayze and the pretty Chun-Li.

The Oldies. :)

Me and Jayz

Jao and me.

The loyalty awardees of our department. Congratulations guys!

Our H.R. manager won the grand prize for the talent show. That’s a whooping 50K yoh!
All in all, the party was a success, although the venue last year was so much better. But at least, I had so much fun this year, I wasn’t force to participate in any crappy production number and dance like a total idiot unlike before. I was also able to dress nicely.
We also owned the dance floor and do our moves. Jao’s like a total retard when dancing though. HAHAHA.
Anyway, will include this stolen pic bec. I like it. OH YEAH!!!
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