Friday, 31 August 2012

What's up?! I AM BACK.

I'ts been 7 months since I've posted on here. And I thought I knew why I'd stop blogging on here. I've been busy being an artist and creating lots of arts that I didn't have anymore time to blog. I also failed to update my tumblr in the first months of 2012. But around summer (april and may) I got back to it. Someone pulled me back into blogging into my tumblr. So eventually I've been busy with tumblr and I draw less. And I realized that I can't really manage my time well into drawing/painting and blogging, not to mention my real life activities. And I came to a conclusion that being a full time artist is being a hermit. You don't get to socialized that much, both online and real life, but I tried to be active on the later and to not give up on it totally. Base on personal experience, if you want to be a full time artist, you have to give up something. And in my case it's blogging, and when I blog, I rarely draw, vice versa. But what I'm happy about is that I'm not giving up on one thing, my real-social-life. I got to see a lot of people these past months and I got to  go to places and have a lot of activities.

Now, I'm busy juggling all the things that I like. Blogging (in this case, I only manage to keep up with my tumblog), socializing and making art.

I think I'm doing fine. I've been an active artist in the months of January to March. Then came April and May... and I was hit by this massive art-block, and I started being active again in terms of blogging on my tumblr. My art-block paved way for me to reconnect with my friends and readers online. Still, I haven't touched this blogger account. Mostly because of my lack of update since Christmas that lead me to be somehow sad and unenthusiastic to update this blog. But last month, I started to check blogger again everyday, and I've read all of the blogs that I follow here. I catched up with what's happening with their lives and I felt happy again. I really love reading personal posts of people because I love observing and learning things about ohers. And it boosted my enthusiasm to get back here and reconnect with you guys. :) To tell you about my life too, again. And I love talking with people in blogger and hearing feedbacks so don't hesitate to talk to me.

Anyway, because I hate the feeling of cutting the events in my life in my online diaries, I'll leave you guys with these photos last Christmas. I have to post this! Forgive me! Because I just love showing my beautiful family. Don't worry I won't say anything about it anymore because this post is getting really long now. (However if any of you wants to read the whole events that happened last Christmas, you can read my post in my tumblr here: )

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